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Advantages of Cruise Meetings and Incentives

Better Budget Control
Meals, meeting space, use of Audio-Visual equipment, recreational activities and evening entertainment are all included.

Greater Meeting Attendance and Participation
A ship is a self-contained environment, and there are less outside distractions on a ship, so your attendees can focus more on the program agenda. Since everyone on board is part of your event, you have a captive audience to ensure you achieve the purpose of your event. A private charter is optimal for relationship-building both onboard and ashore.

Cruises Offer Multi-generational Appeal
Your cruise program will motivate and reward everyone. Kids and teens have their own activities and lounges on ships, making family program planning a breeze.

A Secure Ship Environment
Particularly on a cruise ship charter, it protects company privacy and reduces risk. With no access of outsiders, security and privacy during a cruise ship rental is exceptional.

Adventure & Convenience
Your group can visit multiple destinations with comfort and ease on a cruise ship – no extra packing and unpacking. Each day for a new shore excursion brings the anticipation of exploration, discovery and adventure ; and sharing new travel adventures enhances camaraderie within your company. This unique experience is the ultimate reward for stellar performance, one that will continue to motivate long after the cruise ends.

What Services We Offer

Pre/Post-Cruise City Tours & Land Transfers
We offer tailor-made pre/post-cruise city tours in Yangtze River Cruise port cities, such as in Chongqing and Yichang. We guarantee the best prices, for a city tour with a group of 40 persons, the price could be from US$20 per adult;

Land transfers between cruise pier and airport / train station / hotel. Different vehicle types could be provided according to the group size and your requests.

Cruise Ship Charter & Group Booking
A chartered ship is a perfect venue for corporate or global meetings that require exclusive use of all onboard conference / meeting space. Since you are paying for all the ship’s facilities, it’s important that your number of attendees are a good fit with the ship’s number of capacity or staterooms.
For more details on all cruise ship capacities, please click here.

Based on cruise port cities, we established good cooperative relationships with cruise lines. We help clients apply the unbeatable cruise charter prices. For non-charter clients, we could also apply the best price for your group.

Ship charter costs are mainly on the following factors: ship name & the number of staterooms, ship facilities, cruise durations, high season / low season.

Train Tickets Booking
China domestic train tickets booking is not that easy for a western company, because the official site is only in Chinese, and verified identity is needed to book a ticket. We could help you book all the train tickets in bulk. In Yangtze River cruise port cities, Chongqing & Yichang, the connecting transports are quite convenient to other cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

For the Yangtze River Cruise chartering & group bookings enquiry, please send emails to info@yangtze.com or send via following form.

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