Top 5 Most Recommended Cruise Ships

There are 20-30 luxury Yangtze River cruise ships (or Yangzi Cruises ships), and are you feeling difficult to make a choice? If you are looking for the best Yangtze River cruise ships, below are our Top 5 Recommended Cruise Ships (or Top 5 Best Cruise Ships) for their stunning service and luxury ship facilities.

Best Yangtze River Cruise Ships

Yangzi Explorer Cruise Ship

1. Victoria Sabrina: Introduced in 2020 by American Victoria Cruise Lines


The brand new Victoria Sabrina cruise ship would be American Victoria Cruises’ newest vessel. She is scheduled to depart Chongqing for the inaugural cruise in May 2020, and she will become the largest river cruise ship in the world.
Ship Details: Victoria Sabrina

2. Century Glory: Brand New Luxury Cruise Ship Introduced in 2019

Century Glory Cruise Ship

As the newest ship, Century Glory brought the Yangtze River cruise into a new era. It prepares everything to the highest criteria of the Yangtze River cruises, and passengers could spend a comfortable and pleasant time onboard.
Ship Details: Century Glory

3. Century Paragon & Century Legend: Luxury Sister Ships Introduced in 2013

Century Paragon cruise ship

The luxury 5-star plus rating sister ships Century Paragon and Century Legend are the most innovative cruise ships on the Yangtze River introduced in 2013. Environment-Friendly & Energy-Saving are their design conceptions.
Ship Details: Century Paragon Ship Details: Century Legend

4. Victoria Jenna: Operated by American Victoria Cruises; Refurbished in 2016

Victoria Jenna cruise ship

Introduced in 2009 and refurbished in 2016, Victoria Jenna lets you enjoy a luxury cruise experience during your voyage through the Yangtze River. Victoria Jenna has won Silver Award Winner for the Magellan Awards’ River Cruise Ship.
Ship Details: Victoria Jenna

5. Yangzi Explorer: Super Luxury Cruise Ship Operated by Sanctuary Retreats

Yangzi Explorer Cruise Ship

Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer is the most luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze River, with the highest crew to passenger ratio on the Yangtze River of 1:1. Come aboard for a voyage of discovery and tranquility along the magnificent Yangtze.
Ship Details: Yangzi Explorer

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