Drinks & Beverages

Yangtze River Cruise Ship Bars

Although it is not forbidden for passengers to bring your own wines and drinks on board a Yangtze River cruise ships, you are allowed to enjoy them in your cabin only, and passengers could not bring their own drinks and wines to the ship restaurants and bars. So is it a problem to drink during a Yangtze River cruise? Definitely NOT.

Water in Your Stateroom

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

    One bottle of drinking water per person would be provided in your cabin every day, and they are free of charge.

  • Use Electric Kettle

    Please do NOT drink the tap water directly. But if you’d like to make coffee & tea in your cabin, please use the electric kettle, which is available in every cabin.

Soft-Drinks at Restaurant

  • Complimentary Soft-Drinks at Mealtime

    During your mealtime, free soft drinks are provided, eg. coffee, tea, yogurt, milk, soybean milk, juice, hot water, cola, Sprite.

  • Complimentary Early Bird Coffee & Tea

    If you get up early, you could go to the sun deck bar for early board coffee and tea (except on disembarkation day). During this period, join a Tai-chi exercise on the Sun Deck is also a good way to keep fit.

Bar Drinks & Beverages

At the cruise ship bar, there are all kinds of beer, wines, cocktails and soft drinks at extra cost. Here is a sample price lists of selected drinks for your reference, and please be aware the prices below might have been changed without prior notice, so please consult the ship bar onboard for exact prices.

** The legal drinking age on board Yangtze River cruise ships is 18 years old.

Drinks Price (CNY) Drinks Price (CNY)
Aperitive Cocktail
Pernod 35/4cl Rusty Nail 51
Campari 35/4cl Kamikaze 51
Martini Bianco 35/4cl Americano 55
Martini Extra Dry 35/4cl Negroni 55
Martini Rosso 35/4cl Old Fashioned 55
Manhattan 55
Sherry and Port Whisky Sour 55
Harvey’s Bristol Cream 38/4cl Vodka/Gin Martini 55
Taylor’s Port 38/4cl Pink Lady 55
Kir Royal 51
Gin Mimosa 51
Beefeater 35/4cl Margarita 55
Gordon’s 35/4cl B-52 55
Tanqueray 38/4cl Black Russian 55
Grasshopper 55
Caipirinha 55
Vodka Long Drinks
Absolute Vodka 35/4cl Campari Soda/Orange 48
Smirnoff 35/4cl Vodka/Gin Tonic 48
Stolichnaya 35/4cl Screwdriver 55
Grey Goose 38/4cl Cuba Libre 55
Bloody Mary 55
Rum John Collins 55
Havana Club 35/4cl Planter’s Punch 55
Capatain Morgan Dark 35/4cl Singapore Sling 55
Bacadi 35/4cl Pina Colada 55
Maitai 55
Tequila Fruit Daiquiri 55
Olmeca Tequila Blanco 35/4cl Long Island Iced Tea 58
Olmeca Tequila Gold 35/4cl
Irish Whisky Canadian Whisky
Jameson 45/4cl Canadian Club 45/4cl
Liquer Non-Alcohol Cocktail
Kahlua 38/4cl Orange Boat 38
Sambuca 35/4cl Coconut Kiss 38
Grand Marnier 38/4cl Pineapple Delight 38
Cointreau 38/4cl Swan Lake Punch 38
Drambuie 38/4cl Shirley Temple 38
Bailey’s Irish Cream 38/4cl Virgin Mary 38
Southern Comfort 38/4cl Virgin Colada 38
Jagermeister 38/4cl
Scotish Whisky Orange Juice 35
Chivas Regal 12 Year 55/4cl Tomato Juice 35
Ballantine’s Finest 45/4cl Pineapple Juice 35
J.W. Red Label 45/4cl Cranberry Juice 35
J.W. Black Label 55/4cl
Cutty Sark 45/4cl
Famous Grouse 45/4cl
Bourbon Whisky Soft Drinks
Jim Beam White Label 38/4cl Coca Cola 25/330ml
Four Roses 45/4cl Coke Zero 25/330ml
Jack Daniel’s 48/4cl Sprite 25/330ml
Tonic Water 25/330ml
Brandy Soda Water 25/330ml
Remy Martin XO 68/2cl Ginger Ale 25/330ml
Remy Martin VSOP 58/2cl Evian Natural Water 25/330ml
Perrier Water 25/330ml
Wines Coffee/Tea/Chocolate
Jacob’s Creek Classic 58/18cl Tea Cup 25
Classic Chardonnay 45/18cl Hot Chocolate 25
Santa Carolina Premio 50/18cl Coffee Regular Cup 25
Beer Espresso 25
Chongqing Beer 30/468ml Double Espresso 35
Heineken 35/330ml Decaffinated Coffee 35
Budweiser 35/330ml Capuccino 35
Tsingtao 35/330ml Coffee Latte 35
Corona 38/330ml Portion Coffee 45
Erdinger Light/Dark 48/500ml Tea Portion (3 Cups) 35

Yangtze River Cruise Drinks Packages

Yangtze River Cruise drinks packages

Century Cruises

  • Package A: CNY 1088 per person

    –3 bottles of red wine selected from Jacob’s Creek Classic, Sancaro, Chinese Classic;
    –Champagne Sparkling Wine: Changyu
    –Unlimited drinking of Beer: Tsingtao, Heineken, Corona, Carlsberg, Budweiser
    –Unlimited drinking of cocktail, juice, tea, and coffee

  • Package B: CNY 888 per person

    –3 bottles of red wine selected from Jacob’s Creek Classic, Sancaro, Chinese Classic;
    –Champagne Sparkling Wine: Changyu
    –Unlimited drinking of cocktail, juice, tea, and coffee

  • Package C: CNY 388 per person.

    –Champagne Sparkling Wine: Changyu
    –Unlimited drinking of cocktail(as listed in the menu), Chongqing Beer, Tsingtao Beer, Budweiser Beer, juice, tea and coffee.

Please be aware that all beverage/drink packages are subject to a 15% service charge. The above package prices are for your reference only.

Yangtze Gold Cruises

Drink Package: CNY 400 per person


  • One bottle of local wine
  • Mealtime at Restaurant Only:  Unlimited local Sparkling Wine, snow Beer, regular Coffee, Juice, Black Tea, Soft Drink)

Victoria Cruises

We recommend the complimentary Victoria’s LUXURY AMENITIES PROGRAM if you book a Standard Cabin on/above the Deck 4 or suite, which includes following drinks and beverages besides other perks:

  • Diet soda included for lunch and dinner;
  • Hot & Cold soft drinks available in Executive Lounge (Pepsi, Sprite, Juice, Coffee, and Tea);
  • Complimentary “Happy Hour” one hour before dinner in the Executive Lounge (including House Wine, Beer, and Soda);
  • Complimentary house wine and beer offerings at dinner;