Cruise Evening Entertainment

During a Yangtze River cruise, is there anything to do in the evening? Would it be boring after dinner? Actually, all you need to do is just enjoy the night on a Yangtze River cruise ship, as there are so many evening entertainments waiting for you!

Evening Entertainment

Captain’s Welcome Party

Usually, on Day 1 or Day 2 of your cruise, the Captain’s Welcome Party will be held. Take the chance to take a photo with your captain! In this party, smart casual is required.

Captain Welcome Party

Captain Welcome Party on Century Cruises

Crew Cabaret Show

Bring your smile and camera tonight, and enjoy the cabaret show brought by the staff on the cruise ship. Sometimes, you will find one dancer or singer who seems familiar, and you are right, he/she is the waiter/waitress in the restaurant you just met when you have dinner. Passengers could also join their show in some sections, and please don’t be shy, and you could also be a STAR on the ship!

Evening Entertainment-Crew Show 1

Victoria Cruises Crew Show

Evening Entertainment-Crew Show 2

Crew Show

Evening Entertainment-Crew Show 3

Crew Show

Evening Entertainment-Crew Show 4

Century Glory Magic Show

Karaoke with Friends

Are you still lost in the crew show and longing for more fun? Come with your friends to the Karaoke Room on the cruise ships, and sing out loud! Don’t worry about making noise, because the KTV rooms are soundproof.

Century Glory - KTV 1

KTV Room

Century Glory - KTV 2

KTV Room

Have A Drink

On the Yangtze River cruise ships, evening hang-out with friends would never be easier. Have a little drink at the cruise ship bar before going to sleep would be a wonderful idea.

Century Glory - Cheers Bar & Lounge 4

Cruise Ship Bar

Century Glory - Cheers Bar & Lounge 3

Cruise Ship Bar Singer