Meals Onboard

Yangtze River cruise meals

Curious about the Yangtze River cruise meals? China has one of the world’s great culinary traditions. On a Yangtze River cruise ship, passengers will experience the joys of Chinese cuisine, expertly prepared with the highest quality fresh ingredients. The award-winning dining experience is reflective of China’s evolving culinary landscape, with a fusion of western dishes.

Cruise Lines Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Century Cruises Buffet Buffet Buffet
Victoria Cruises Buffet Buffet Buffet (except Captain Farewell Banquet)
President Cruises Buffet Buffet Chinese Table Dinner
Yangtze Gold Cruises Buffet Buffet Buffet (except Captain Farewell Banquet)
Changjiang Cruises Buffet Buffet Chinese Table Dinner
China Goddess Cruises Buffet Buffet Chinese Table Dinner

Dining Tips

  • The buffets are in both Chinese & Western style.
  • During table dinner, the dishes are served to your table.
  • Usually, each passenger has a fixed seat in the restaurant during your voyage.

Restaurant Options

On most Yangtze River cruise ships, there are two restaurants.

Century Paragon Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room (Century Paragon)

Century Paragon VIP Dining Room

VIP Dining Room (Century Paragon)

  • Main Dining Room

    The main dining room is usually on Deck 2 with large round tables (8-10 PAX), and all passengers could have meals at this restaurant without any extra cost.

  • VIP Dining Room

    The VIP Dining Room is on a higher deck with smaller tables (2-4 PAX), which could provide a more private dining experience with fewer people. Usually, it is exclusive for suite passengers, but Standard Cabin passengers could choose to pay extra to upgrade to VIP Dining Room upon check-in. The food in the VIP Dining Room is similar to the Main Dining Room, but there would be some chef specialties.

Popular Chinese Dishes

Yangtze River Cruise Meals - Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Yangtze River Cruise Meals - Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Yangtze River Cruise Meals - Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu

Yangtze River Cruise Meals - Poached Spicy Slices of Pork

Poached Spicy Slices of Pork