Yangtze River Cruise Standard Cabins Comparison

Most travelers will book a Standard Cabin when cruising on the Yangtze River. Although every standard cabin has a private balcony, their decorations on different cruise ships vary. Which style do your prefer? It might be useful for you to choose your ship.

Cruise Ship Standard Cabin Photo Cabin Size
Century Legend 28 sq.m
Century Paragon 28 sq.m
Century Diamond 25.9 sq.m
Century Sun 25.9 sq.m
President No.8 27 sq.m
President No.7 27 sq.m
President No.6 26 sq.m
Yangtze Gold 1 26 sq.m
Yangtze Gold 2 24 sq.m
Yangtze Gold 3 24 sq.m
Yangtze Gold 5 24 sq.m
Yangtze Gold 6 24 sq.m
Yangtze Gold 7 27 sq.m
Victoria Jenna 21 sq.m
Victoria Anna 21 sq.m
Victoria Katarina 19.1 sq.m
Victoria Lianna 19.6 sq.m
Victoria Selina 19.6 sq.m
Victoria Sophia 19.6 sq.m
Victoria Grace 14.6 sq.m
Yangtze No.1 17.5 sq.m
Yangtze No.2 23 sq.m
China Goddess No.1 16.5 sq.m
China Goddess No.2 25 sq.m

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Updated on 22nd March, 2018 by Christopher White

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